A Half-Acre Forest

After all, each of us had listened to or read sympathetic stories about the life of a teddy bear and his animal friends in Hundred Acre Wood. The forest was the framework for a safe and happy life.

Forests have meant to us people over time e.g. as a giver of food, a refuge from the enemy, a source of raw materials, an enabler of exercise, or a place of silence and empowerment. The importance of forests has been emphasized right now in slowing down climate change, but it is only slowing down - not the solution.

Husky Banana sets up a half-acre forest. The  chosen area is the former peat production area in Vaala, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Afforestation of former peat production areas is really important for the climate and water bodies. Former peat production areas without afforestation release into the climate e.g. carbon dioxide and methane. With the help of afforestation, the former peat production bog is transformed from an emission source into a carbon sink.

The forest is established, planted and managed by istutapuita.fi. The work to be carried out in the area is commissioned from local entrepreneurs and the forestry association.

Half an acre of forest requires 1,000 pine saplings. The Natural Resources Center LUKE lowered the peat bog that had been removed from peat production for afforestation. Growing one seedling into adulthood will sequester 600 pounds of carbon dioxide over 100 years, a reasonably normal tree age in the north.

The former peat production bog is one of the few possible emission compensations by planting wood in Finland. All plantings made after final felling of forests are statutory and do not meet the requirements for compensation.

Husky Banana offsets 100 kg of carbon dioxide per leggings and 40 kg of carbon dioxide per bra. When calculating, this is overcompensation, but it's not detrimental!



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