Weekly Drop 
Each collection is normally available for one week. Two tips to remember before ordering:
Select leg length that fits you - instead of the usual one size fits all, we have several options for you to choose from and find an optimal fit just for you.
Order with friends to get discounts! We offer discounts in prices you order multiple items.
We manufacture and deliver only the products that are ordered through our Weekly Drop. This way we avoid unnecessary production and conserve raw materials: being environmentally friendly as well as economical are among our most important values. Our production and manufacturing cycle is six weeks on average.
Our cargo is delivered by rail to Vantaa, Finland. Airfreight would be faster, but the carbon footprint due to airfreight is dozens of times larger than the carbon footprint due to rail freight - and we choose the latter, more environmentally friendly option.
Orders are dispatched from Vantaa, Finland. Our primary carriers are the Finnish Postal Service and FedEx.
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