Everyday actions that help to maintain your products in best shape and lengthen their lifespan.
Choosing and using the correct size in our products is a key factor in their maintenance. If the size is too small and the material is excessively stretched, its natural elastic and compression qualities suffer and degrade over time, and the seams are susceptible to ripping. If the size is too large, the elastic and compression qualities will not work properly to give you maximum comfort and benefit.
Wash according to instructions to maintain your Husky Banana products in best shape.
1. Commonly Husky Banana products should be washed at 30 degrees Celsius.
2. Machine wash is suitable for Husky Banana products, but we recommend that you do not use a dryer, as the elastic and compression qualities will suffer as a result.
3. Do not wash with clothing items that contain rough surfaces, metal, or sharp details that could tear the materials of your Husky Banana products.
4. We recommend that you remove any padding in your bra before machine wash. Wash the stuffing or padding separately or by hand.
5. Do not use a dryer or fabric softener, as they will degrade the qualities of the materials over time.
6. Occasionally simply airing out the products may be sufficient to keep them fresh for use.
Proper storage will also extend the lifespan of your Husky Banana products. It is not advisable to leave them stuffed in a training bag, either dry or wet. For best results, store your clothes dry, neatly folded and not too tightly packed. Occasionally let the material recover from usage by letting it rest, as the elastic and compression qualities of the material will stay in best shape for a longer time when it is not constantly stretched.
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