Delivery and Taxes

Taxes and Customs

EU countries

- orders of less than EUR 150 arrive directly to the customer without customs clearance. Husky Banana is registered in the EU's IOSS (One Stop Shop) system, where products are subject to VAT. The system directs the VAT on the order to the customer's resident country tax revenue.                                                                 

- if the value of the order exceeds EUR 150, the customer is obliged to make a customs clearance.

The rest of the world

The customer is liable for any tax and customs obligations


We ship all orders worldwide from a dispatch center in Shenzhen, China. Our partners, material manufacturers and sewing factory are located in the same area too.

Price: 6.90 euros everywhere.

Delivery time: From 7 days. For example, to France on average 7 days, to Finland about 8 - 15 days. Delivery in the destination country is handled by the local post office. Local mail will notify arrival and pick-up.

Processing time

Order processing time is 1 - 7 working days. We ship larger batch orders at once so that we can take advantage of our courier partner's automation in collection and packaging.

Please note! If the product has a different delivery time, the product details are informed of the time.

Track your shipment

The shipment is tracked with a tracking code. We will send the tracking code via email upon confirmation of delivery. You can follow the order through the 17track.net . You can track shipments to Finland in the mail's OmaPosti application, to which we send the tracking code.

The keys to successful delivery

- valid address information.

- we cannot make address changes during delivery.

- working e-mail and mobile phone number. Husky Banana will notify you by email when delivery begins and we will send you a tracking code or any changes to the delivery of your order. Also note to check for spam, as filters can redirect emails there.

 - if the parcel is picked up at a post office, the consignee must prove his identity or the consignee may issue a power of attorney to a designated person who also proves his identity. The use of a power of attorney is especially recommended if you know that you are not able to pick the package, for example due to travel. The package will be stored in the mail for 14 days and then returned to the sende (in Finland). The refunded costs will be charged for the refund.

Non-retrieved package

If the customer or consignee does not pick up the package or does not take care of any import obligations (order over EUR 150 in the EU), the package will be returned to the sender within 14 days of arrival. We will charge a return fee of EUR 15 for the non-picked package, as well as an initial delivery fee of EUR 6.90 for the order.


Finland It is possible for the customer to return the products within 30 days of receipt in Finland. Request a return code for a free return via mail (hello@huskybanana.com), but we will charge a processing fee of € 3.90 for the return. Returned products must be in perfect marketable condition. Returned products must be free of make-up or dirt stains, labels affixed, no odors, no animal hair, etc. Husky Banana products are non-exchangeable.

The rest of the world

Returns are possible within 30 days of order arrival. Customer is responsible for the return costs as well as the arrival of the shipment to Husky Banana. Please contact hello@huskybanana.com before returning.

Canceled order

It is possible to cancel the order before the start of delivery. Once delivery has begun, cancellation is no longer possible. The customer can return the products within the return period.


If you notice any deficiencies in your order. For example, the wrong size or product delivered, you have 14 days from the arrival of your order to report any defects to Husky Banana, hello@huskybanana.com.


If you notice a material or manufacturing defect in the product, please contact hello@huskybanana.com




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