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Husky Banana premium activewear is for the woman who makes no compromise on technical performance and style. Directional look and high performance elegance enable to enjoy benefits of an active lifestyle.

No need to limit how you feel and look in sportswear.  Husky Banana premium activewear comes from Finland. Born in high mountains of Lapland it is developed and engineered in our studios in Helsinki.

The two founders Mimmi Paradise and Tupu Anttila have achieved to develop a technically advanced and luxurious women´s activewear. The clothing combines colorful prints, energy in design and sensuality

– just in line of the founder´s own lifestyle in art, clothes, sports and home decoration. Pure, healthy Nordic nature, love and life are in the center of our design.

Husky Banana should be both flattering and functional in wear. True quality comes from how the garment feels.

Every piece of Husky Banana range is created to support and streamline the wearer´s physique for comfort and ease of active movement. It is engineered by using super-airtight high-filament polyester fibers.

Body support and fit are created using best quality spandex yarns.

Husky Banana activewear garments are under constant testing by sports professionals to ensure the rigorous performance standards we aim for.

Our product design and development is in Europe and we outsource manufacturing to the most advanced sportswear factory in the world.

We want to be in direct contact with our users. Person to person customer feedback and ordering is available 24/7. As we ship directly from our location to you, time and money can be saved.

This garment is available only directly from our original source, and it is not sold in any other shop.

We founded Husky Banana for a loving, caring and happy combination of active lifestyle, health, arts and sensuous fashion. Healthy inside out – just as we want to be.


Mimmi Paradise                                                 Tupu Anttila

Designer, Photographer                                    Producer, Designer


Designer and photographer Mimmi Paradise

Mimmi comes from Lapland and lives in Helsinki. She brings life and love to our design. She has studied arts and clothes design and is a designer in many local brands.

Close to her heart are jeans and women’s wear.  Her extensive networking in textile industry takes her from Helsinki to Asia, London and New York.

In Mimmi´s design, wherever you see them you´ll find sensuality, luxurious quality and original use of texture and color. Mimmi lives the life she wants to express in her design.

Both in clothes, arts and home – love and friendships. In her design work she emphasises Nordic light and nature, her soul full of passion and care – even sensuous love.

She is rather local in a sense, but her playground is global.

What is the core of Husky Banana?

For me it is our own design – the way we use color, prints and materials. I do it with love our users.

How should Husky Banana look?

Close to your body – good. Feminine but not too light. It is created for use – even if it should feel fashionable.

What is the technical secret of Husky Banana?

Combination of three things: we use the best modern materials you can get; we know our design process from A to Z. In addition, we have a trustworthy high-end manufacturer.



Designer and producer Tupu Anttila

Nordic and active sportsperson Tupu was born next to the mountains of Lapland in Finland. Tupu has performed most all sports you can do in Lapland and he has been awarded from helping other to learn about sports weather outdoors skiing of indoor games and team play.

Tupu uses active sport technology almost every day in the gym.

Tupu lives in Helsinki and dedicates his time between the city, Nordic Lapland and European cities, particularly the Baltics. He is a founder of internet shops and has large experience in internet commerce and logistics.

His design career covers both women´s wear and jeans in the Paradise brand.

Tupu wishes to bring to Husky Banana friendliness, healthy lifestyle and his personal view in design. Design process for Tupu means interaction with everybody (users of course),

willpower to use his own ideas and most of all strong and meaningful use of colors.

How do you define Husky Banana ?

The best women´s sportswear for active and demanding users that I can think of !

How should Husky Banana feel?

Better than anything else when you do a lot of exercise. It should feel good and nice all the time. Even when you have worn it.

What are the key features?

I wanted to make the best durable clothing possible that is best and comfortable to use. Our original design comes on top of it!



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